Cemetery Clean-Up
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Cemetery Clean-Up
Posted on 01/25/2024

The Warrenton Grounds & Maintenance Department would like to remind residents/ cemetery plot owners that all decorations in violation of cemetery rules & regulations must be removed from the cemetery owned and operated by the City of Warrenton prior to March 10, 2024. 

Please collect any items you wish to save prior to this date. Remaining items in violation of cemetery regulations will be disposed of beginning March 11, 2024. Moving forward, our grave decoration regulations will be strictly enforced for safety, beauty, and uniformity. 

The following items will be removed after March 10, 2024:

Faded Flowers and Dead Plants: real or fake

Bric-A-Brac: including figurines, statues not part of the memorial and stacked stones

Concrete Products: Ceramic and concrete pots not connected to the memorial

Crosses: wood, metal, plastic, palms, etc. that are not part of the memorial

Decorations: balloons, flags, banners, pinwheels, tinsel, toys, clothing, etc.  

Hanging Planter Holders

votive, solar, etc.

Glass: containers or figurines (glass, ceramic, plastic, metal, porcelain, or similar material)

Holiday Ornaments: Christmas, Easter and any commercial holiday

Planted Items: fruit, decorative trees, bushes, flowers, etc. around the memorial

Fencing: of any type (metal, plastic, etc.)

Benches & Statues: of any type (metal, plastic, etc.) around the memorial that were not approved

Pictures: of any type

For a complete list of Cemetery Rules & Regulations please click HERE
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