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More Info on Prop 1 Recreational Marijuana Tax
Posted on 02/23/2023

Official Ballot Language:


Shall the City of Warrenton impose an additional sales tax of three percent (3%) on the receipts from all retail sales of adult use marijuana?

A “YES” VOTE means the voter is in favor of the 3-percent sales tax on recreational marijuana purchases in the City of Warrenton.

A "NO" VOTE means the voter is opposed to the 3-percent sales tax on recreational marijuana purchases in the City of Warrenton.


During the statewide election of November 2022, Missouri voters approved an amendment to the state’s constitution, which made the use and sale of recreational (adult use) marijuana legal in Missouri for adults over the age of 21. Additionally, the amendment placed a 6% state sales tax on purchases of recreational marijuana and authorized local governments to add a 3% sales tax.

At the Jan. 17, 2023, Board of Alderman Meeting, Warrenton Alderman voted to put a question regarding the additional 3% sales tax on recreational marijuana on the ballot for the April 4 municipal elections.

Currently, more than 100 Missouri municipalities have a recreational marijuana sales tax question on the April ballot, including St. Louis, Kansas City, and Jefferson City. Locally, Warren County has its own recreational marijuana sales tax question on the April ballot, as do several municipalities within the region, including Wentzville, Washington, O'Fallon and Union.


Currently a sales tax of 9.475% (Shoppes at Warrenton and Warrenton Commons 10.475%) is collected on all goods purchased in- or for delivery to- the City of Warrenton. The State of Missouri currently collects an additional 6% sales tax on purchases of recreational marijuana. 

If voters approve the sales tax, the City of Warrenton will collect an additional 3% sales tax on purchases of recreational marijuana made within the City limits. The funds collected from the tax would be allocated to the City's General Fund. 
General Fund Pie Chart


Recreational (adult use) marijuana has only been legal in Missouri for a short time, and it is difficult to accurately estimate how much annual revenue the tax would generate. With that being said marijuana dispensaries reported nearly $8.6 million in sales for Missouri's first weekend of recreational sales. With the 6% tax imposed by the state on recreational marijuana, Missouri totaled around $510,000 in tax revenue during the first three days of recreational marijuana sales. 

If voters approve of the Prop 1 ballot measure,  the tax would go into effect Oct. 1, 2023. Any funds collected from the recreational marijuana sales tax would be allocated to the City’s general fund allowing the City to use the revenue where it is most needed from year to year.  


Will the City's sales tax rate be affected?
The City's sales tax rate will remain the same on all other purchases.

How would the City spend the money?
Any revenue raised from the recreational marijuana tax will go into the City’s General Fund. This fund allows the City the flexibility to put the money into the most needed City services as they change from year to year. 

What is recreational m
In November 2022, Missouri voters passed a constitutional amendment allowing the sale and use of marijuana for personal use for those aged 21 and over. 

When will recreational marijuana sales be legal?
Licensed dispensaries approved for retail sales began selling recreational marijuana in Missouri on February 3, 2023. 

Who pays the recreational marijuana sales tax?
Only people purchasing recreational marijuana in Warrenton City Limits at a state-licensed store would pay the 3% city sales tax.  

How many dispensaries or marijuana stores are in Warrenton?
Warrenton currently has one comprehensive facility selling medicinal marijuana and recreational marijuana. 

Will you have to pay the 3% tax on medical marijuana? 
If approved, the tax would only apply to recreational marijuana. 
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